Happy Tails

Every now and then, we receive warm regards and updates from families that have adopted CCR foster kitties. Nothing is more heartwarming and inspiring than these successful adoption stories. We want to share with you the stories of our former foster babies, and invite you who have adopted from us to share your "Happy Tail" story as well! Email us with your story and a couple pictures, or post it on our Facebook page. You are also welcomed to review us on Yelp and help more people learn about our work. We sincerely appreciate your comment and suggestion!

Little Tazia's adventure across the Continent all the way from Texas to Oregon is probably one of the most captivating and dramatic of our rescue stories. You can read about the full story
here, but just to give you a snippet:

"The story began with an unusual e-mail from a man in Texas, who came across a kitten after spotting a tiny head poking out of a Dumpster drain hole. Upon further investigation – when he saw it wriggle and squirm – he decided to climb into the Dumpster and extricate the pint-sized creature with soap and oil. Since he was planning to visit relatives in Oregon for Easter, he did an Internet search for Oregon cat rescues and came across Cat’s Cradle.

He sent the group an email with the kitten’s picture and the story of how he found her. Since there were no rescues near him in Mission, Texas, and he was planning to come to Oregon anyway, could Cat’s Cradle take the kitten? Though skeptical about the truth of the email, Cat's Cradle agreed to take the poor kitten. But sure enough, the man kept his word and brought the kitten to the group on Easter Day. The little fighter was named Tazia, an Italian name meaning “one who will be reborn", and welcomed into foster home. Her savior never asked for any money and declined an offer by Cat’s Cradle to raise funds in order to repay him. He even asked if he could donate money for her care. 

Tazia adapted amazingly well in her foster home and quickly became friends with all the other kitties. A few weeks later, Tazia and her dear foster mate Catt Damon found home together with Angela and Kyle, a newly wed couple and great kitty parents. Tazia and Damon's story continues, as you can see on Angela and Kyle's personal Facebook page, full of love and cuteness. A true Happily Furrever After story!

Cali is a 5-6 year old female cat that staggered her way to a home in Hillsboro for help when she was lost, starving and sick. After searching for the owner with no luck, the Good Samaritan that found her took Cali to her vet as she was near exhaustion from exposure and lack of food. It was discovered that she has a treatable dental/medical condition that makes it extremely painful to chew and eat. Cat's Cradle Rescue was approached to help this friendly, outgoing cat when other rescues and shelters were unable or unwilling to help.

Cali soon had her dental surgery - 13 teeth were pulled and the vet said "the inside of her mouth looked like hamburger". The $580 expenses of the surgery was 100% covered by donations raised in merely 3 weeks. Cali recovered very well after the surgery. This loving and outgoing cat found her forever home and now lives a very happy life!

“Just a note to thank you for selecting us to be Angel Baby's family. It seems incredible when we realize that she has only been with us for a few days. Angel (now Tiramisu or Tira for short) has adapted wonderfully to our family. She moved along from not wanting contact with anybody to having the run of the apartment in less than a day.

Her brother Marco, who despite being the same age, is three times larger, loves her and is a very good brother and mentor. He gives her space when she wants space, plays non stop when she wants to play and sleeps with her when she wants to sleep. Tira is enamored with Marco, follows him everywhere and invites him to play in a ladylike flirting way quite often.

She is still a little shy when approached by people, but after her initial instinctive response to retreat, comes readily and happily to our side. As you said, she loves to sit and sleep on laps and her favorite sleeping place is under Rey's robe when he lays on the sofa. With the incredible progress that she made in just five days we are sure that her shyness will completely disappear soon.

Again, thank you for selecting us. Angel Baby truly completes our family!”

"Hi Mama Julie, It’s me Buffers! My Mommy and Daddy call me Lucy (but I’ll always be Buffers to you) It’s my 1st Birthday!! Can you believe it? I wanted to let you know how great I’m doing and show you how big and strong I’ve grown. I just love to run and play games. One of my favorite games is peek-a-boo with Daddy, I sit on the chairs and reach my arm out through the banister and bat him on the head. I make them laugh a lot, they think I’m the funniest Comedienne ever! Most of all I love to snuggle up for power cat-naps. I’m a very good girl and hardly ever forget the rules, except I like to get the little “cutie oranges” from the basket on the counter (I’m not allowed on the counter), but I can’t help it, they make the best soccer balls! In fact I can turn ANYTHING into a toy – or a game, like making the bed, doing laundry, sweeping the floor. Who knew chores could be so much fun! I was so happy to receive your Christmas card and to know that you are saving so many of my sisters and brothers through Cat's Cradle Rescue. You are THE Best foster Mom! Love Always, Buffers (a.k.a. Lucy) 

Julie, Kevin and I could not be happier with Lucy, she was meant for us. She is SO funny, and sweet, she fills our home with love and laughter. What else could we ask for? Thank you again for all you do to save these wonderful little babies. Bless You. 

Kevin & Dana"

"Hello! Here are a couple of pictures of Marble I took just now. She is so cute and adjusting to her new life very well. On the third of December she received her third FCVRP shot as well as a check on her overall health. The Vet gave her so much praise for her health, cooperation, and cuteness. I really cannot thank you enough for helping me find Marble and taking such great care of her in a time when she needed someone the most. I know it must be hard to raise a kitty and have them adopted but please feel free to message me anytime for updates and new pictures of Marble. We Love Her So Much!"

"Just wanted to send you a picture of Marble settled in to her new home. She is doing so great and we all love her so much. She is so funny, playful, healthy and loving. She is doing awesome, she loves to play with the other cats and is really friendly with other people too. Thanks Again!"

This kitten went from being found in a garbage bag at the bus stop to CCR. It’s another successful adoption update from an adopter. 

"Hi – I thought I’d just send a note and a few pics for you. Devie (Jitterbug) is doing wonderfully! She is such a little love who plays hard then sleeps hard. She and I took off and went to the beach house last weekend. She was a great traveler overall and seemed to easily adapt to the house and liked watching the seagulls fly around and make noise. 

She’s growing like a weed but still lean. She eats really well and is drinking water out of several places I have throughout the house now. We’ve been able to still find her favorite toy each day – even when I bought new ones, her favorite is still the pink one. J (I hope we never lose it!) She likes to be close to me and at the big house at the beach when she didn’t know where I was she would cry out loudly until I answered her and she came running up. She is a cutie pie and I just love her dearly. She and I are a perfect fit. Thanks again and hope you are well. Enjoy the pictures. Suzanne PS – I don’t remember the last time I sent you an email, but when we went to the vets for her shots, EVERYONE including all the vets themselves were commenting on how cute she was and wanting to hold her. She makes friends easily!"

Harlow is quite a unique kitty, well loved by humans but hard to get along with other cats. For this reason, she stayed in our foster care for months, until she found the one right home for her:
"As you can see monkey cat makes full use of our house, climbing screen doors (made of bronze screening, virtually indestructible) but carefully supervised. she also has the run upstairs (and down at extraordinary speed) all 15 steps, she jumps at times in one giant leap... we have toys aplenty, including a thin bamboo rod at the end of which is a feather cluster, which she pursues relentlessly. she is a monkey cat, tumbling and rolling and jumping and racing, and finally exhausted taking a well deserved nap - next to me, i am exhausted as well.

Thank you again for your help bringing this cat into our home and making her part of our family."

"Dear Cat's Cradle Rescue-

I feel that Sunny is the luckiest kitten in 2013. We had a beautiful black kitty named Toddie who we had to put down for medical reasons just after my daughter turned 2 years old. Every since then, she has been talking to me about how much she loves "Sunny". I would ask her, "who is Sunny Sasha??" and she would respond, "my new beautiful kitty!". Well, 4 year have gone by with a lot of changes in our lives, a divorce  as her mom, dealing with breast cancer, and then later that same year, our house burning down. A little over a year later we were fortunate enough to have our house rebuilt and the gift of moving back in 2 days before thanksgiving 2012. We went to see Santa  and to my surprise  my daughter Sasha told Santa  " I have waited long enough, please bring me my Sunny" Santa responded, who is Sunny?? Sasha stated " you know, my new kitty- I don't care if it is a boy or a girl or what it looks like, I promise I will love and take care of my Sunny kitty". This brought tears to my eyes, and what a perfect time to get our new kitten in our new brand new home.

On Christmas day, Santa brought Sasha a letter stating that he wanted her to go with her family to pick out her new kitten. He said "let the kitty pick you out!!" So we went to a few different animal shelters, and looked at kitties, and none of them were the right one for us. Then, on line, I found "Cat's Cradle Rescue" and there was a cute little kitten named "Diablo", a 3 month old little kitten. I called Marilyn right away, and we went to see her kittens. Her husband Steve was home and let the kids and I spend about an hour with these beautiful kittens. Sasha found her Sunny (Diablo), he played with her and later when we came with dad, he ran right up to see her. I knew he was her special Sunny!! We are so grateful for this beautiful little angel. He has brought us such great joy, and is teaching Sasha and her brother Paul what it means to truly love a pet, cleaning the cat box, feeding, playing and loving him. We are the ones that are truly lucky!! Thanks for all that you do and we are grateful for Sunny!!" 

”We wanted to report in and to THANK YOU for matching us up with Valeri. I'm guessing that Nina has already filled you in on the details, but we wanted to thank you ourselves and to say how sweet and adaptable he is, and what a perfect fit if feels he will be to our household. You have a knack or gift for matchmaking.By last evening, they were both on the bed hanging out. We separated them for the night to give Valeri his own space and time to acclimate and by this morning he couldn't wait to be a part of things again. He jumped up on the bed and this time graced us with purrs!

While there has been a little hissing on V's part, Fergus, although totally excited and a little impatient to get the playing party started, has been a perfect gentleman. They were inches apart this morning on the bed, all curled up. Fergus tentatively reached out with his paw and gently laid it on Valeri who allowed it to stay there. We do see being cuddle buddies in their future.

I also wanted to commend Nina. She is amazing, both with the animals and the human element. She went above and beyond, bringing him to us for a playdate and being such an interactive communicator. We appreciate her and the way she fostered Valeri, she's a gem. So thank you both!“

"We had a great Homecoming for Lady when we got home on Saturday. Within the first two hours of being here she ate, drank water and went to the bathroom! It was a great first evening for everyone and we were so happy that she seemed so comfortable here with us.

Zachary is absolutely in love with her and wants to be around her ALL the time and always wants to know what she's doing, but we are insisting that he give her some space, HeHeHe, but even now she goes into his room looking for him and they play great together! :-)

Do not feel bad about our quick parting on Saturday, I felt bad about it too, but I feel that there was a great connection between the three of us and her on Saturday and that chemistry is continuing now that we are home.

I love to read, and since I am a Stay at Home Mom I get to read often, and when I do Lady curls up with me on my lap and she purrs herself to sleep and we relax together. She takes GREAT naps on the top level of her Kitty Tower and just runs up there whenever she needs a break. She slept great the first night with us and even better the second night. We leave the bedroom door to our room open and during the night she leaves our room and goes to the bathroom and eats and drinks and roams comfortably throughout our house and rarely gets into anything.

We are excited that Lady has adjusted so well and we are happy that we found her! She seems very relaxed and happy here and we are thrilled to have her! Thank you again for everything and for letting us bring her home! I will keep you posted and send you pictures soon."

"Hello, Cat's Cradle! Just wanted to let you know that Kesi and Flower are the joy and light of our lives! We love them so much, and thank you (Julie) for helping us find them.

Also, their new names are Albert (Kesi) and Tilly (Flower)! Named after our two favorite streets in Portland: Alberta and Tillamook.

Love, Josie and Phil"

“Hey there! Thanks for the pictures, I loved them! Now that some time has passed, I thought I would show you how well Snow has adjusted in his new home. He now goes by the name "Sebastian". He is definitely a wild little one and is amazed and interested in everything. He is always getting into everything, constantly wrestling with his new big brother, chasing and batting everything in sight (even if it isn't moving), and when he is worn out, he gets all up in your face to cuddle - whether it be with us, or the pig. He loves his pig and cat brothers, and never leaves them alone -- though they don't mind. :) His colors are changing by the day. The backs of his back legs are now almost black, as well as his ears. His face is getting darker by the day, and so is his back. We love him and all his craziness!”

"Thanks also for the pictures of Leo from when he was younger. What a handsome boy. Here is a photo I took yesterday, after he was all tired out from chasing a laser pointer and playing inside a cardboard box. I'll make sure to send you more pictures soon!

Leo seems to be adjusting to his new home very well. He hasn't had any trouble eating or using the litter box, and he's already explored the whole apartment and found the best places to get into mischief. He keeps trying to play with our other cat, Pepper, but she's being a little grumpy that she has to share her house and her people. I'm sure she'll warm up to him soon, and I think they'll have a lot of fun playing together!"


"The little boys are fully assimilated into our home, and accepted by Sammy. They are sooooo adorable – I can’t thank you and your sister enough for all the love and care you gave them to grow them into such wonderful little guys. A week ago, we let them loose in the house – supervised for play time, and it went so well that they are now fully running through the house and playing. They still are sequestered to their room at night time and when we are gone from the house. I usually get up extra early and let them out so that they can come into bed with me for awhile. The other morning, Bear was trying to “nurse” but Teddy wasn’t having any of it – so Bear saw Sammy lying on the ottoman next to my bed – hopped onto it and started sucking on Sam’s fur. I immediately thought the worse would happen and sat up with a start. Much to my surprise, Sam started licking Bear – it was so sweet. Sam frequently is seen running around the with little boys and they play together quite a bit – and Sam is quite the “gentle giant.” The little guys will come up to him and swat at him and then run, and he goes after them. They are using each other’s litter boxes, water dishes, and often eat each other’s crunchy food. It all is good.

I’ve attached a picture from today – two little guys taking a nap together – all tuckered out from play time. They have really been “into” fishing pole toys lately – they will play with those for a long as we let them (more toys originally purchased for Sam, but he ignored).

Thanks again…we love our little guys. Teddy still purrs all the time – but Bear is getting pretty good at it, too. They are starting to use their little voices more often to get what they want – today, Teddy jumped up on my computer desk and looked at me and mewed multiple times – he was telling me he wanted to play. Bear will jump on my bathroom counter and start pawing at the faucet handle until I turn it on for him – he likes to play with the water and drink out of the sink. Funny!"

"We hope you and the entire Cat's Cradle crew and family are doing well!! I just wanted to send you a photo of the kids "all grown up"! They are nearing their estimated 1 year birthday in July :) We just love having them and they've truly filled the void in our lives when we had no fur babies :) :)

Rav started going by Stormageddon shortly after our last emails, it definitely suits him! He's quite the mischievous little one! Tesla is still crazy fast, but she has also become the snuggle queen! She was not nearly as interested in either Jared or I cuddling with her, but now she can't get enough!! This a picture I took of them sprawled out on my bed one morning before I left for work, they wouldn't even move so I could make the bed!"

Tom and Tim, two senior cats on our community service posting were welcomed into their new home through our adoption service. We are very happy that we helped, and hopefully more cats will be able to rehome this way rather than going into shelters. Here's from their former owner who had to give them away because of severe illness:

"We took Tom & Tim to Ron's apt on Fri, Jan 4. It seemed to me that he & his home are perfect for them. I was very favorably impressed & liked him, his home & the considerable thought & preparations he had made for bringing them into his family successfully. He has said more than once that they have a home for life with him. I called him this afternoon for an update. He said that they are both eating, drinking & using the litter box we took along with them. He said so far, both are staying under his queen sized bed, each in a spot they selected. Tom answers Ron at times when he goes in to talk to them & lets Ron stroke his nose a little. Tom really likes sitting on the low, wide bedroom window ledge in the sun when it's shining. Tim so far is staying under the bed except for food, water & pottying, & not yet
responding to Ron. Ron said he's being patient, giving them as much time as they need & knows they will come out & socialize when they're ready. He said there is only occasional "growling" between cats but nothing more & his cat is also spending a lot of time under the bed.

I'm very, very thankful for this new home for them & for your help in letting it happen."