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Walter needs a FOREVER home

posted Dec 23, 2014, 4:37 PM by Siva Ho   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 12:00 AM ]
The good people at Tualatin Park Veterinary Clinic need to find a new and FOREVER home for a very special kitty. Despite all the odds against him, he is a wonderful cat and fights to live on. His caretakers have this to say about him:

"His name is Walter, he is about 8 months old, neutered, and up to date on vaccines. He was brought in to us at about 7 weeks of age with a severely prolapsed rectum, and a fractured rear leg that was already healing. After a lot of time, we were able to get his rectum to the point that he can control his bowel and make it to the box 90% of the time. The poop is solid but small. About the diameter of a small pencil. He also sometimes misses with urine and we are not sure why. We've done a UA and it came back fine. The small stool is caused by the scar tissue that formed from a prolapsed rectum. He also had a broken leg and a broken pelvis. The leg healed fine but the pelvis is not normal.He does still have a narrowing in the lower part of his colon, and does best on a high fiber food so stool can pass easily.

He is wonderful. Easygoing, outgoing, loving, adaptable. However we have adopted him out four times and he has come back each time with a different reason. Twice the client circumstances prevented them from keeping him. Two of the times were due to urine and or bm's outside of the litter box. U/A came back unremarkable, and he seems to do that at the beginning of the transition to a new place, or upon return to us.

We are simply out of clients to reach out to. Unfortunately, we are not set up for a long term foster situation. This situation is less than ideal for him. I do believe that with a little love and time, he would learn the ropes in a new home and be a great cat."

We are working to help find him a foster home, but nothing compares to a loving FOREVER home. Please share his story and contact us or Tualatin Park Vet Clinic if you can help!