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We invite you to join us on Team Twinkle - for a better life for Twinkle!

posted Nov 9, 2015, 2:54 PM by Ho Siva   [ updated May 23, 2016, 7:15 PM ]
The first time I met Twinkle she was 4-weeks old and only weighed 9-oz. She was half the size of her sisters and yet she was spunky, engaged with her world and LOVED to be held and touched. When she started to move around it was obvious she was a wobbler, a kitten that has a neurological (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) complication from birth. Twinkle had little control over her back legs and her head would sway and bob without fixating on where she intended to go. Despite all these physical difficulties she was adorable. Big black eyes, gray and white bi-colored coat and little white socks on all 4 legs. She had tiny little ears that twitched when she followed me with her eyes and she would roll side to side to propel herself toward me. How could I resist? 

Fast forward 3 weeks. Twinkle cruises around the room (admittedly at her own pace), always uses the litter box and she plays with her siblings who are gentle and non-aggressive with her. When she eats she is messy and to help her get more wet food in her mouth than on her body I gently support her shoulders. When she is hungry for dry kibble she will go to the bowl and lay over the food -she has no problem feeding herself this way – it just is a little unconventional! Our challenge as Cat’s Cradle Rescue is to see that Twinkle progresses to the limit of her abilities. To that end we are now scheduling acupuncture to see if treatments can help the head tremors so that she can eat in a calm and focused way.
We invite you to be part of Team Twinkle by donating to her treatments that we hope will lead to a better quality of life for this adorable kitten and eventually to her adoption to a wonderful home! We are hoping to raise $400 for her treatments. We know that a cure is not possible but even mild changes now could help her as she grows and ages. It is worth a try!