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A Wonderful Gift and A Big "THANK YOU"!

posted Mar 1, 2016, 10:45 PM by Ho Siva
We at Cat's Cradle Rescue have always been very lucky in receiving public support to our work, and we are often touched by some extraordinary acts of generosity. This past Saturday (February 27th, 2016), we were again awarded with one of the most special and impressive gifts - a $200 donation check from former adopter, 13-year-old Brianna. This amazing young lady is a true animal lover and has great passion in pursuing a future career in veterinary medicine. We can't thank her enough for her trust and precious gift. With her permission, we are here to share with you her story:

"I recently had a Bat-mitzvah(celebrating me turning 13, it is a Jewish tradition). The students going through their hard work of preparing for their event, have to decide if they want to raise money for an organization, this is called a mitzvah project. I decided to donate to your wonderful organization. I actually have always loved animals, and they have always been part of my life. I volunteered at an organization called life4paws, ever since I was 9, they recently closed down so I haven't had much animal interaction lately ( except for my seven animals, 3 dogs 4 cats. 2 of the cats are still kittens that we adopted from your organization.) My dad has a friend that is a vet, and one day she found out that I wanted to be a vet,  so she let me shadow her at work. That is my story."

The world will be a better place for humans and animals alike with youths like Brianna!