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Easter Miracle Kitty and Her Amazing Rescue Story

posted Apr 24, 2014, 5:15 PM by Siva Ho   [ updated May 5, 2014, 2:20 PM by Ho Siva ]
This is a wonderful and incredible rescue story. The lucky little kitty arrived in our care the day before Easter so we named her Tazia, Italian for "one who will live again".

Little Tazia's story begins with a stranger's email that came to us on April 15th: would Cat’s Cradle Rescue (in Oregon) take in a kitten found stuck in a drain hole of a dumpster in South Texas?

Jim, the kind man who wrote the email, had noticed a small head poking out of the 2” diameter drain hole and could not just walk away. Instead he hoisted himself into the dumpster, used olive oil to lubricate the kitten's head, and finally got the wedged head unstuck – but now what to do with the weak and limp baby that did not have the strength to stand, let alone run away? He didn't even think twice and although he is not a “cat person” he brought her home, fed her with a dropper when she was too weak to eat. She survived.

However, there was no shelter nearby almost at the border in Mission, Texas. Since Jim was flying to Oregon over Easter weekend, he would bring the kitten to a better life if we at Cat's Cradle would help. To us, it was hard to believe that someone would spend money for a plane ticket, vet certificate and a carrier for a tiny kitten he knew nothing about. Many were skeptical but many were also thinking how awesome in this day and age of “me,me, me” that someone would do this for a small rescued foundling. After seeing the picture of the stuck kitten we enthusiastically agreed to take her.

Four days later (the day before Easter), this stranger from Texas brought the kitten into the Petco adoption event sponsored by Cat’s Cradle Rescue. He brought the paperwork from a Texas vet that says Baby weighs 1 pound and 3 oz and estimates to be 5 to 6 weeks old. The little tuxedo kitten is healthy, spunky and thrilled to be in a bigger space as she is welcomed into her foster home.

Jim never asked for a penny. We offered to fund-raise to repay his generosity but he declined. He even asked if he could donate for her care.

So miracles do happen, good people still are out there and kind and giving hearts still rock our world.

Tazia now lives happily in her foster home with other cats and friendly dogs...little spunky and full of trouble. She scampers, jumps, plays and runs to your arms. Her story is a feature on Oregonian's Pet Column, thanks to Monique Balas! For updates on this darling and brave kitten, visit and like our Facebook page!