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Helping Pooks!

posted Jun 26, 2014, 4:04 PM by Ho Siva   [ updated Jun 26, 2014, 4:10 PM ]

About 6-months ago we met Pooks' current owner, Allison. Her family was in financial turmoil and we paid for this sweet cat to have her current medical needs addressed. Allison has tried VERY HARD to help this cat and CCR will take Pooks in after the 4th when our foster homes are not too full.

Pooks will need to be spayed and should have the three bad nails removed. Estimated medical expense is $400. Your generous donation will make a huge difference and save this sweet girl! To donate, click on the "Donate Now" paw, and leave us a note to specify the donation to go to Pooks.

Every word Allison says below is true, verified by what the vet observed and what we personally saw of the cat back then.

"Pooks is her name she is about 2-4 years old according to the vet. This is a long story I am sorry but feel its needed to be said for anyone who potentially will adopt her I want them to know the whole story and truth because I was not given that chance when I bought her.

I found her on Craigslist about a year ago said Persian kitten for sale 350.00. I asked the lady for an address and she said I had to meet her at a Walmart parking lot in Washington. I found that strange but always wanted a Persian. The lady took this small animal out of a tiny cardboard box infested with fleas, matted hair, and urine. That's all I noticed at the time. I felt bad for the poor "kitten" and gave the lady the 350, took her home, bathed her and took her to the vet. The vet said she had a respiratory infection and gunky eyes so he gave me meds and I finished them out. The vet also told me this Kitten was not in fact a kitten but is a full grown cat. I was astounded as she is the size of a 6 month old kitten. He said by the amount of tartar build up she has to be 2-4 years but is hard to tell exactly.

I took Pooks home and gave her so many baths to get rid of the fleas and matted hair. I noticed she had no idea what a cat box was and went in her food dishes. She ate so much she got sick. She still eats a lot. She was scared when I brought her home and for days felt she needed to be confined to one small area, Honestly I believe she was a breeder cat kept in a small area without a catbox, never groomed and deprived of food. But only Pooks knows what she went through.

It took a couple of months but I taught her what a kitty box was. I can only imagine what life she had before me. I noticed her holding her right front paw up and I looked at her toenails closely to notice the nails were growing through the pads of her feet. I trimmed them they were infected and still to this day she needs trimmings on the 3 nails that are the worse. I contacted Cat's Cradle and they were nice enough to take her to the vet again and this time it was a different vet. He said she needs teeth cleaned, she has a few bottom eyelashes that are starting to turn inwards to her eye and the hairs will need to be removed eventually. He was unsure if she was spayed or not. He also gave me some meds for eye gunk that returned. I wormed her twice for tapeworm and also round worm, gave her injections for parvo and the yearly adult shot.

But I lost my job and things have been going downhill for my family and we moved in with my father. I can't afford the treatment she needs and it is not fair to her. I don't want a penny for her. All I want is a loving home for her that CAN afford her health needs. She has an extremely friendly personality and enjoys being bathed. She loves being brushed and needs brushed often. I always blow dry her, she even lets me brush her teeth. I can tell she has been neglected for attention and I honestly see that she appreciates every brushing and bath and knows i'm trying to help her. When I use the fingernail sander on her nails she calmly sits there even though I know it hurts some. I believe the 3 bad nails should be pulled out but I am not a fan of that. But it may be medically needed. The vet quoted about 400 for everything to be done that was medically needed. She is completely non aggressive and WILL let animals pick on her and do nothing about it. She lives with another cat and small dog and she plays with the dog and my other cat is not a fan of her and gets jealous. Last month she did come in heat and she needs to be spayed as well.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me my name is Allison. Email: ahwilson85@yahoo.com."