Seniors 4 Seniors

posted Aug 7, 2013, 10:50 PM by Siva Ho   [ updated Jan 22, 2017, 2:40 PM ]
As a service to the Senior community, Cat's Cradle Rescue is offering our senior or middle-aged adult cats for FREE adoption to qualified homes. We help our local counties by keeping these nice, adoptable cats out of shelters. They go (in most cases) directly from their previous home to your home, which minimizes the always present nervous transition.

WHO QUALIFIES: Seniors (if you think you are one then you are!)

WHAT CATS: Friendly? shy but snuggly? outgoing? quiet and reserved? de-clawed - as many different personalities as there are people that adopt.

AGES? Cats are 5+ years. Our oldest adopted was 14 years young!

WHAT WE ASK: Please have a "PLAN B" - if something happens to you and you cannot care for the kitty any longer, we ask that you have a family member or friend that will commit to your cat's care.

WHY? - We are 100% "in it for the cats" and want them to have a great life no matter how long or short nature intends. We think that having a cat in your life gives you a reason to get up in the morning and a friend that needs you as much as you need him (or her!)

Feel free to contact us for details regarding individual cats. Or, simply fill out an Adoption Application with the name "Seniors 4 Seniors" where it asks name of the cat. You will receive a return call or email promptly. Our goal is to match older cats that are often overlooked during adoption events with the right long-term loving home.