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Buddy is an 8 yr old ( but a young 8 yr old) who is super sweet and social.   He is such a silly cat and loves to roll on his back for pets.  

He's shy on first meeting people, but warms up quickly.  In a new house he'll likely only hide for a day or so before he begins to come out and follow you around.  His vocalizing is very soft and polite, and only when he's in need of something.  He even mews softly to let you know he's going to be joining you on the couch.  Buddy likes to roll around on his back and have his chin and sides of his face petted.  He'll even let you pet his belly if you have a light hand and won't be rough.  Buddy with sit with you for hours as you watch tv, unwind with a book, or just watch birds out the window. Though a bit jumpy at sudden movements, he recovers quickly and is soon back in his spot.  Somewhere along the way this darling boy was taught not to walk on or lean against people. He's big boned, though not overweight, so he may have had an owner who didn't want such a large cat trying to climb into their lap. His foster mom has been working to coax him into feeling comfortable leaning against someone or curling up on his human's lap.  For now, though, he's most comfortable jumping up beside you and rolling onto his back for affection.  Though, he doesn't automatically pull away when he accidently leans against you now.  Progress!  Buddy is unaccustomed to being carried around much.  Despite his impressive mitts, he has excellent paw manors.  He doesn't scratch furniture and hasn't accidently scratched his foster mom, even when struggling to get out of being suddenly picked up.  Buddy doesn't self-regulate food consumption and will eat the entire portion of anything you put in front of him in one go.  Thus, it's best his food is measured and rationed to make sure he doesn't become overweight.  He hasn't shown much interest in playing with toys, but it may be due to not finding the right toy for him yet.  Every cat has that one thing they love, so we're going to keep looking till we find which toys Buddy loves!"


Buddy's adoption fee is set at $40. He is neutered, microchipped, tested and current on his vaccines.  He is indoor only!  Negative for FIV and FeLV

For more information on meeting and adopting this kitty, please fill out a pre-adoption application under "ADOPT" on our website at WWW.CATSCRADLERESCUE.COM. Your information will be forwarded to the foster parent for follow-ups and meeting arrangement.

Adoption fee Includes spay/neuter, microchip, worming and flea treatment, current vaccines, vet exam and a negative FIV and FeLV test.

Cat's Cradle is an all-volunteer, non-profit foster-home based rescue serving Oregon cats who need new homes. 100% of your adoption fee goes to provide for the medical and physical needs of the cats in our care. We invite you to become a foster parent and experience the great satisfaction of helping a cat or kitten in need.

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