Who We Are

Our Mission

Cat’s Cradle Rescue is an all volunteer non-profit rescue group formed to promote the well-being and adoptability of local Oregon cats. We provide loving foster homes where abandoned and shelter felines can socialize in a family environment while receiving medical care, spay and neuter surgery with the goal of being adopted into qualified caring homes.

About Us

Everyone understands the problem with cat over-population and the need for Spay and Neuter programs. The question is WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE CATS (and kittens) ALREADY BORN?

Cat's Cradle Rescue keeps cats out of shelters by offering an alternative to a cage - we are a no-kill FOSTER-HOME BASED rescue group that welcomes cats to our home environments as they await adoption.

Why Foster care?

Does your new kitty like children? Does she play with dogs or find other felines too uncomfortable to be around? Does he have consistent litter-box manners? Does he want to cuddle or perhaps his comfort zone is to be more independent. Many life-factors influence cat behavior and while genetics plays a role, we know that human touch, kindness, nurturing and consistency of care are non-negotiable requirements. We provide all of this

Helping the Community

Traditional shelters in our area do not accept owned pets. We help cats stay in their current homes until adoption and offer free online postings and guidance. We do not have space in our foster homes for every cat and accept cats only when a home is available.

How You Can Help

Have you considered being a foster parent? Housing cats or kittens on a temporary basis is a win for the feline, a win for the adopter and a feel-good win for you as your care saves lives. Become part of the solution!